Dental Care

At A Pet Care Clinic PLLC, we know that your pet’s dental health can affect its overall health. That’s why we offer thorough dental care that prevents conditions before they start.

Dental Services

Think about what your teeth look and feel like when you haven’t brushed them. Now think about what they would look and feel like if you NEVER brushed them. That is what has happened to many of our pets’ mouths. Often the animal’s teeth will literally rot out of their heads.

We have three different options:

  • Brushing: If you opt for brushing and have a puppy, kitten or kit (baby ferret), we can start them early and fairly easily. If you opt for brushing in an adult animal that hasn’t learned that having his teeth brushed is okay, all is not lost; it just takes longer for them to adjust to the process. For them, we may need to start by having the teeth scaled (like the dental hygienist does for us).
  • Leba III: “a dental in a bottle,” can be used to prevent the above from happening or even reverse the process. Leba III is a spray that you spray into the pet’s mouth, or can also be applied with an eye dropper. If we are starting with a clean mouth, you spray daily. If we are starting with a mouth that already has problems, you spray twice daily until the mouth cleans up—usually 6 to 8 weeks. Then you can decrease to daily sprays.
  • Dental Cleaning: the old tried and true, it involves a physical examination, pre-anesthetic blood work, hospitalization, anesthesia and ultrasonic cleaning, scaling, polishing and extractions if necessary. This method is the quickest way to clean a pet’s teeth, and anesthesia is pretty darn safe these days, so not the worry it used to be, but does require hospitalization etc, and is more expensive.