Chris Cannon D.V.M.

Chris grew up on the South Side of Chicago. She claims to have wanted to be veterinarian as far back as she can remember and her parents always said, “Since she was two.” She did her undergraduate work at Purdue, getting a B.S. in Animal Science and her veterinary training at the University of Illinois in Urbana Illinois. From the U of I she received her B.S. in Veterinary Medicine and then her Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree in 1977.

She practiced in Granite City, Illinois in a low volume high cost practice for two years and then the other extreme, high volume low cost at the Humane Society of Missouri in St. Louis for two years before moving to Bremerton. She practiced there for about 8 months before moving to Bellevue and joining a small animal practice in Kirkland. After a bit over a year there she did relief work (like being a substitute teacher, except being a substitute veterinarian) for four years.

In February 1987 Dr. Cannon bought a Bird and Exotic practice in Lynnwood. After five years there, she merged that practice with a practice in Mountlake Terrace and changed its name to A Pet Care Clinic.

She has had cairn terriers, with the exception of 22 days, since the summer before her freshman year in Veterinary College. The current cairn is Sassamat (named after a street in Vancouver) who goes by the name Sassi. As Chris is not as young as she used to be she opted to get Sassi a playmate and somehow ended up with a silver toy poodle she named Bug. He was supposed to be a show dog, but he grew one inch too tall to be a toy and needed a new home. So, he is now a Cannon, and his mom has NO idea what his registered name is and has to look it up each time she enters him in Agility trials.

Both of the dogs enjoy the agility obstacles and running the course seems to be Sassi’s reason for living. Bug is content to come to the clinic each day and convince all the clients (and the Postal Carrier) that he NEVER gets any attention or love at home and HAS to be loved at the office. Sassi is more content to stay home keeping her huge, natural back yard free of squirrels, raccoons, etc. At Agility trials Sassi is running ahead of the little attention grabbing brother. Her first trial she earned her Teacup Beginner Agility Dog (TBAD) title and 2/3 of her Teacup Games 1 (TG1) title. The second trial Bug got 2/3 of his TBAD and Sassi finished her TG1 and earned 2/3 of her Teacup Intermediate Agility Dog (TIAD) title.

Since the summer of 2011, Dr. Cannon has been volunteering for and with the Driftwood Player at the Wade James Theater Edmonds. She started helping build the set for Agatha Christie’s A Murder Is Announced and then, during the run, helped with costume and set changes and did LOTS of dishes—seems EVERY scene in an Agatha Christie play involves drinks, tea and/or cakes! In March of 2013 she was asked to be the Set Designer for Hen Night Epiphany, a new play that was to run one week at Driftwood and then two weeks at Stone Soup Theater, which meant it had to be portable. Since then she has worked on most of the Mainstage productions and some of the TIPS shows for Driftwood. Her set design resume includes Steel Magnolias, The Unexpected Guest, Sin Sex and the CIA, and Miracle on 34th Street. And she is set designer for the first three shows of the 2015-16 season, which will bring her set design experience up to thirteen! Each play has different requirements and allows Chris to let her imagination run, to build and paint and create, allowing her to channel her creative energy to share with hundreds of theater goers.

Dr. Cannon also volunteers for the Mountlake Terrace Library putting out hold items, pulling requested items and helping create visual aids for children’s programs and parts for children’s craft projects.

During the summers Dr. Cannon volunteers for the Shoreline Arts Festival and Gala. She also works the NARAL auction in the fall. And has apparently built a reputation for her skill at setting up auctions as a couple other organizations sought her out and requested her help as well!

Chris ends her summer volunteering at the Shoreline Back to School Consortium. The all-day event provides clothes, socks and underwear, and backpacks FULL of back to school necessities to kids in low income families. There is even a lottery for haircuts!

Starting in January 2015, Chris started square dancing—complete with all the petticoats! It’s a fun, social way to exercise mind and body—hearing the calls, converting them into action, and hoping the action meshes with the seven other people in the square!

In her spare time she veg’s out on the couch with the kids (Sassi & Bug) watching recorded dramas—like The Following, Madam Secretary, and Criminal Minds. Or reads, either the old fashioned way or with audio books. She’s discovered she can play in the garden or get housework done while “reading” an audio book. Her mom would be so proud—she kept trying to convince Chris books were fun, and Chris finally agrees!